Keynote Announcement : Henrik Wann Jensen

Henrik Wann Jensen is well known for his work on realistic image synthesis, global illumination, rendering of natural phenomena, and appearance modeling. His contributions to computer graphics include the photon mapping algorithm for global illumination, and the first technique for efficiently simulating subsurface scattering in translucent materials.

Dr Jensen's keynote will be on "Simulating Natural Materials", and will provide a view of where the state of the art is currently at in natural material simulation, as well as where the current problems are and how he sees work in the area progressing.

GRAPHITE 2007 : Call for Participation

ACM SIGGRAPH and the GRAPHITE 2007 organising committee invite you to participate in the 5th International Conference on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques in Australasia and South East Asia, GRAPHITE 2007.

GRAPHITE 2007 will provide a unique atmosphere for researchers, technologists, artists, industry professionals, educators and students to interact, taking in the latest technical and artistic accomplishments from around the globe.

Conference Chair Announced

Andrew RohlAndrew Rohl

Graphite 2007 is proud to announce the appointment of Dr Andrew Rohl as the Conference Chair.

Dr Rohl is a leading expert in the application of high performance computing and computer simulation technologies. He is currently CEO of, the hub of advanced computing in Western Australia.

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